New definitive way to know if your coworkers are Transformers fans:

While listening to an 80s radio station, someone idly wonders if they will play any Stan Bush.

A moment passes, then another.  Glances are exchanged.

In almost perfect unison, all eight people on the workfloor burst into ‘The Touch’.

Then get shamed by their supervisor because he knows more of the words than all of them put together.

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    i’m gunna get shot for this, but i cannot stand the song ‘you got the touch’ i just can’t
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    #YOU GOT THE TOUCH #YOU GOT THE POWER #YEAAAAAAAAH I now want this to actually happen for me.
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    ((OOC: Way of knowing the rest of your school is not Transformers fans. Idly mention you’d like to have a really...
  4. liveblogging-depression said: Damn. I thought I was having fun by having a friend who is encouraging me to call her Megatron. Because her name is Megan.
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